About Carol Hermesh:

Welcome and Thanks for stopping by my new and updated website! It’s been long over due for an over haul as well as an upload of some of my newer work. I hope you enjoy cruising through. I specialize in still life, sensual figurative and occasionally fetish photography. My career started with the need to find a way to photograph the vision of my husband’s sculpture without losing the connection of his work with the viewer. Eventually I started exploring Photoshop through building the occasional digital photo montage.

Currently my focus is on my website Spirit Animals which combines my writings skills with my intuitive and psychic abilities in order to provide a place for others to find answers. My creativity is also expressed through my leather craft and a highly successful career as a whipmaker. My fascination with whips – especially the Indiana Jones style Bullwhips was highlighted with a life long passion for horses. There is not an area of the horse industry that I have not explored in some shape or form in the past. The photography – although taking a backseat – still serves me well as it helps me produce excellent photographs of my whip creations, as well as my husband Michael Hermesh’s artwork.

I also own a company called Hostingsoul Web Solutions. This company specializes in WordPress sights and helps others create their own specialized corner of the internet. Some of the new, upcoming and established Webpages we currently own,  host and help out with are: